With funding from the York Federation of Students and the Faculty of Environmental Studies, ACE organized an entire seminar series on topics such as race, food production and precarious work; race and HIV; and racism within academia and knowledge production processes. Organized throughout the 2010/2011 academic year, the goal of this seminar series was to confront the contemporary issues that racialized communities face in relation to different aspects of natural, social and organizational environments. This seminar series encompassed a wealth of topics for rich discussions that draw from pedagogies such as anti-oppression, anti-racism, afro-centrism and eco-feminism. The series also highlighted the works of a diverse group of scholars and activists such as George Dei, Chris Ramsaroop, Carl James, Anne Phillips, Erin Konsmo and many many more.

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For an overview of the seminar series –  ACE Seminar series Archive 2010/2011

For a detailed list of the events visit – https://sites.google.com/site/raceseminarseries/home