Indigenous Resistance and Colonial Realities

A Workshop

Presented by the Faculty of Environmental Studies (FES) and the Accessibility Community Equity Committee (ACE)

          September 18th.  12:45 – 2:15pm

York U. Health, Nursing and Environmental Studies Building Room 140

This workshop will focus on the failure of European powers to colonize North America. It will also deal with the strength and determination of Indigenous Peoples in the face of continual oppression and the racial hierarchy in Canadian institutions, including universities. Facilitators will discuss the exclusion of Aboriginal and indigenous bodies in academic spaces, the colonial dimensions of academic research, and the ways indigenous peoples from places around the world have reclaimed knowledge.



Robin Cavanagh

Panelists :

George Dei

Filipe Montaya-Greenheck

Ravi de Costa

Megan Bertasson


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