Tuesday, November 20th, 2012. 12:45 to 2:15PM. HNES 140 (York University, Faculty of Environmental Studies)

Facilitators: Ciann Wilson and Stefan Kipfer  


In recognition of World AIDS Day (December 1st), some 30 years after the first case of HIV in Canada, this workshop consists of a discussion about the experiences of people living with HIV and AIDS. Topics up for discussion include:

(1) the continued nuanced forms of discrimination and colonization faced by people living with HIV and AIDS as queer bodies, as racialized bodies, as indigenous bodies;

(2) the need for both prevention and support programs (e.g. ODSP, housing, laws and policies etc.) for people living with HIV and AIDS;

(3) advocacy of positive people in various contexts from institutional and academic to grass roots struggle;

4) suggestions for the future directions of funders, researchers, policy makers, and allies in supporting positive people.