Do you have a story about your student experience at York that you would like to share?

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The Accessibility, Community Equity committee is comprised of students who organize around issues of equity, discrimination and marginalization. Since 2009 ACE has provided supports in the form of mentorship and workshops for students who face financial, emotional and/or social barriers to pursuing studies at York University. Instances of racial profiling by York administration, as well as, administrative gaps in support for Indigenous students, international students, mature students, students labeled with disabilities, students with financial need and so on… have long plagued the University’s infrastructure. As a result, in keeping with our mandate to voice the concerns and lived experiences of our constituents, ACE would like to invite ALL York students and Alumni to share their stories and personal accounts of discrimination, systemic oppression, the administrative short-falls of the University and/or the positive work York administration is doing for its studentship.

ACE will use these stories to inform York’s administration of the need for resources, services, administrative supports, sensitivity training and curricula that caters to its diverse studentship.

Your story will remain ANONYMOUS unless you indicate otherwise. All identifying information will be removed from your story.

For each story we want to know….

Roughly, where and when did this event occur?

What program are/were you enrolled in?


In connection to this story, would you like to remain anonymous?

If you are interested in working with ACE to fight for equity –  please provide your name and email address.


Via email:

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In person at the ACE mailbox in HNES room 137

At our COMMUNITY CONVERSATON EVENT, which will be a STUDENTS ONLY event held at the Faculty of Environmental Studies on January 29th, 2013. This will be a SAFE SPACE where students can vent their frustrations. The event will be recorded and transcribed with all identifying information removed to maintain anonymity.  MORE DETAILS TBA…