ACE Graduate Studies and Scholarship Funding Application

  Peer-Review Workshop

  November 26th, 2013

1-4 pm

HNES 141

  As a follow-up to the scholarship review session organized by student groups within FES in mid-October,  ACE is hosting a peer-review workshop to assist students with their scholarship applications and graduate studies applications.

 The workshop is open to ALL students who are planning on applying to graduate studies and/or external awards including, but not limited to, the Ontario Graduate Studies (OGS) Award, SSHRC, CIHR or NSERC etc. 

 What to bring for peer-review feedback:

  3 copies of your draft RESEARCH STATEMENT/PROPOSAL for the funding opportunity, along with the application instructions


  3 copies of your STATEMENT OF INTENT for your graduate studies application, along with the application instructions.

  Drafts at ANY level of completion will be eligible for review.

 More information on Awards:

Canadian Institutesof Health Research ( CIHR)

Social Sciences andHumanities Research Council ( SSHRC)

Natural Sciencesand Engineering Research Council ( NSERC)

 Awards are available throughout the year at York U you can fill out a Student Financial Profile and see what awards you are eligible for at also has internal awards available at
Other York Award info can be found on the links on this page:

Workshop Schedule

1 – 1:30pm: ACE  members will go through the components of a research statement/proposal and cover letter

1:30 – 3:30pm: Peer Review

3:30 – 4:00pm:  ACE will respond to closing questions about the application processes

  What is  ACE ?

The Accessibility Community Equity committee is comprised of students, many of whom are affiliated with the Faculty of Environmental Studies, who organize around issues of equity. We have organized workshops, seminars and peer mentorship sessions, all geared at offering students some of the necessary social and emotional supports needed for their success. One of our most important feats was our role in ensuring that all incoming graduate students at FES,irrespective of academic background, were offered funding packages. This year, an added part of our mandate is to assist students in navigating their way through the academic institution by documenting student experiences for the betterment of student services at York.

ALL interested individuals are welcome to our  meetings and events.

For more information visit: OR contact us at